Business Insurance For You

The needs of businesses vary and insurance needs are no different. That's why it's important to get it right.

The insurance needs of businesses vary between specific businesses, and it is important that you have access to independent advice from an insurance broker who will take the time to learn what your specific business activities are, and what your specific insurance concerns are.

Our company has the expertise to provide you with sound advice on managing your risks, and where appropriate, we can arrange all the types of insurance your business may require, so you have one point of contact for all your insurance requirements, and most importantly, when you need to make a claim.

Types of Business Insurance Commonly Arranged

Property Loss or Damage Insurance (Material Damage)
This includes assets such as buildings, plant, equipment, offfice and stock

Commercial Motor Vehicles 
Whether it's a single vehicle used for busniess or a commerical fleet, we can help you secure the right insurance. 

  • Business Interruption
    Insurance against loss of income arising as a result of insured damage to buildings, contents or stock.
  • Liability Insurance
    Public and Products liability, Employers and Statutory Liability, Directors and Officers Insurance, and other specialist liability products as required.
  • Key Person Insurance/Income Protection
    Insurance against loss of income for businesses or personal where an individual is temporarily or permanently unable to work due to an accident or illness.
  • Life Insurance
    Insurance to provide cash for a business following the death of a key person.
  • Trauma Insurance
    Insurance to provide cash for a business when a key person suffers a medical trauma.
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