Travel Insurance

We all hope for straightforward travel but the unforeseen can strike, adding extra headaches while away from home.

Travel insurance is a cost-effective way to protect against the unexpected and can cover things like lost luggage, medical expenses, loss of documents or money, accommodation in the event of a delay, loss of deposit or transport costs to enable you to return home due to illness, injury or death of immediate family, and for accidental death or injury and associated costs.

Before you travel it’s important to consider the right policy for your circumstances.There are different types of cover available including policies that cover: 

  • one-off holiday travel
  • business travel
  • one-way travel
  • frequent travel

Other important considerations include arranging your cover when you pay for your booking or deposit even if it’s well before your travel date. This protects you from possible cancellation.

You should think about whether you’ll be hiring a car overseas, whether you plan to take part in any high risk or professional sporting activities, even to ensure you are fully covered for the country where you’ll be travelling.

Many people travel with laptops, expensive cameras or sports gear which may require additional cover. 

Pre-existing medical conditions may also require additional cover.

 Our experienced brokers will help you find the right policy so you can enjoy your travel knowing you are covered for the unexpected. 

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